The true meaning of being ‘in the flow’

“The University of Chicago psychologist Mihaly Csiksgentmihalyi wrote a book entitled ‘Flow’ in which he presented the findings of years of intensive research into what makes people happy. What he found is that people are content when they are “in the flow,” that is to say, when they have forgotten about themselves and have become lost in an activity, a person, a game. And they are discontented when, either through under stimulation or through fear they lose the flow and fall back onto themselves. None of this should be surprising to us. We have been arguing throughout this book that our souls become sick when they fall out of similitude with God and that they are doctored precisely when they begin to resemble the divine. What Augustine and Thomas say, quite simply, is that God is always in the flow, that he is a constant rhythm of self-forgetting love. And what they imply is that we find our joy inasmuch as we imitate the divine dance.”

Robert Barron, ‘And Now I see: A Theology of Transformation’ (p 186)


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